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 The V.I.P Exclusive Package - FOR ALL PLAYERS.

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PostSubject: The V.I.P Exclusive Package - FOR ALL PLAYERS.   Fri May 28, 2010 2:00 am

What is the V.I.P Exclusive Package?

The V.I.P Package helps the server but also benefits you! The V.I.P Package is to raise money to pay the monthly fee for the dedicated host, VPS and for a new domain! If you want to show your dedication and loyalty to the server, please keep reading!

What do I get in return?

V.I.P's recieve exclusive rights and furniture that normal players do not have! You get 35 Super Rares of your choice, and the best part is, is that you can buy more than one V.I.P PACKAGE!

How do I purchase V.I.P?

The V.I.P package is a low price! The price is only $5.00 USD, via Paypal. Payment info: please transfer to liaz_zipper@hotmail.com and post the receipt in here to prove your donation! Make sure the payment is sent as a gift! Smile

Without V.I.P Purchasers, the server will no longer exist.
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The V.I.P Exclusive Package - FOR ALL PLAYERS.
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