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 Zack.s application

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PostSubject: Zack.s application   Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:29 am

How old are you: 14

How long have you been playing HX Hotel: Before account stopped working the HC countdown went to about 180, and now its on 176 (on the remade account). So I guess thats 16 days.

What can you offer to the HX Community: Skill, Kindness and Helpfulness is what I offer. I dont believe in "I will give you the l33test banner for admin!" type thing.

What position are you applying for: Administrator or Moderator

Your FIRST name (Last names will be deleted for privacy restrictions): Zack
Why should we hire you?: I am not going to boast or show off. I know I am not the "brightest of the bunch" but I do what is needed when its needed. Nothing more, nothing less. If you need anything doing, I will do it. Life is too short to start moaning and groaning about things.

Is there anything special about you that we should know?: Nothing much really. Worked on both ends of the scale. Worked at Bobbalodge as a Administrator for a while [with 200 members on at a time] (then the owner became a dick). On the other end, I have owned a few hotels ever since I was 10 (Good old days, eh?).

Time (In hours) you can commit to HX: 30+ a week

Hope you enjoyed reading it Smile lol!
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Zack.s application
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